Current Workshops

SSDA Summer 2018 Workshops

Location: Nisbet Building 323, SSDA Office

Time: 9 am to 5 pm (full day), every Monday and Tuesday


Python 1. June 4-5, Python Programming

Python 2. June 11-12, Importing & Cleaning Data with Python

Python 3. June 18-19, Data Manipulation with Python

Python 4. June 25-26, Machine Learning with Python

Python 5. July 2, Data Visualization with Python

Python 6. July 3, Natural Language Processing with Python

Python 7. July 9, Big Data Processing with Python


R1. July 10, RStudio

R2. July 16-17, Finance Basics with R

R3. July 23-24, Applied Finance with R

These full-day workshops are organized in a format of learning groups, using DataCamp Online Courses as study materials. Our goal is to help overcome the learning curve by providing onside assistant and group supports. Dr. Shengpan Lin will coordinate these study groups. He is an Assistant Professor in SSDA and will happily answer any question regarding study materials. But you are encouraged to make some new friends by asking for/offering helps in the groups.  

These workshops are free for all MSU students and faculty/staff. Supported by DataCamp, SSDA will give workshop participants free access to all 100+ Online Courses (market price $29/m) till Nov 13, 2018.  Please register. 

Please bring your own computers. All codes are run online, so you don't have to install any package in your computer. Please bring your earphones for video instructions. 

Should you have any question, please contact Shengpan Lin (

Please fill out the following form to register.